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Welcome to! is a Web 2.0 community designed for the collaboration of escrima, eskrima, and arnis practitioners from all over the world. Filipino Martial Arts or any training with martial arts weapons is our prime focus, but not our only area of interest.  The escrima video on the right gives an overview of some back end resources that cannot be seen unless logged in as a registered member. 

Registered members (free) can access user profiles, post photo galleries, promote teachers and seminars, blog, and discuss topics in forums. is not meant to replace Loki's database, although it will promote your group / website. It's not meant to replace Ray's digest, although it provides discussion forums on various FMA topics. 

Click to view short demo.

As registered members view user profiles, they will be able to access links to escrima blogs or discuss martial arts weapons training in the forums.  If you have a favorite FMA author, you'll be able to read their content by accessing their profile. Authors wanted.  We all have something to contribute to the Filipino Martial Arts community and I hope to see your input soon.

Content Guidelines: We're not really concerned about being politically correct on this site, but we want our users to display some common sense. Tell us about your martial arts training, seminars, and promote your group, but don't bash each other, please. If you have concerns about a specific martial artist, please take it up with them.

Thank you for your participation.
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